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Schools Need To Change

If we want to make a big difference to our society for the better, school is a great place to start. We all know most of us as kids, and the kids these days were excited to learn and want to learn when they started but what happens when we get to about age 7? All of a sudden many hate school.

I can tell you why, because over 100 years ago it was decided by a group of men to shut down the imagination as it wasn't needed to be a mature adult, so at age 7 we stop teaching imaginative, exciting stuff and only got taught logic. Humanity was and still is taught to shut down our natural intuitive and imaginative abilities leaving only learning via repeating which is a left brain function. If we took a true healthy adult and tested their right and left functioning brain, nearly all would be unbalanced with the left hemisphere being tapped into more - but an unbalanced human means an insane human as insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, and absolutely the overuse of the left brain brings this reality.

There was a Dr called Dr Ramachandran who studied the left and right hemispheres of the brain, only to find if the right imaginative brain had shut down due to a stroke the patient would show dramatic signs of not being able to flow through life as a story any more. So their reality would stop moving.

If before the stroke they lived in there own home and while unconscious was moved to the hospital the patient would swear they were still at home. No matter what was said to this patient she was still convinced that she was at home. Many other patients with the same hemisphere being shut down would feel their stroked disabled left hand wasnt even theres anymore, because before the stroke they only knew it to be healthy.

This in itself proves that our imagination is what shifts our reality, but if we shut it down during our younger years and are victimized for using it, humanity will be way easier to control because we are then relying on something outside of us to give us the answers, this is also true because the right brain also has a connection to Source energy, it knows we are part of something way bigger.

Here is a Youtube of a talk given by Dr Ramachandran conversing with each hemisphere separately.

So you see if we take away our connection to God/Source/Creator then it is very easy for another species to land on Earth Eons ago and say they are our Gods. But thats another story lol.

It was years ago I was guided by dreams and visitations from benevolence to be taught this and in these teachings they lead me to a lady called Jill Bolte Taylors story of her having a stroke and feeling from the inside out what happened when her left brain shut down, this was after asking the question of humanity's potential.

Here is the link.

This is very important to making changes in our reality for humanity to become whole again and take back our power. When we are in balance we can then enter the pineal gland and our connections are even far greater.

Bobbe Richardson

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