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Short Messages To Help Guide.

To prepare means to have a way out or a way towards something. To prepare for a way out means you are focused on feeling vulnerable in a situation, but to prepare towards what you desire means you are still moving out of that which no longer gives you any benefits but this focus also moves you into more blessings. We have been programmed to always prepare for the worst situations instead of focusing and preparing for what we desire.

As it is within this, not knowing ourselves that we become subject to trusting others who we also do not know.

Let it all go,

Let go of the demands upon yourself, the expectations of your reality, the thoughts that others are influencing your reality, let go of your reality as it is, to make space for a whole new reality to emerge.

One where you are exactly what you know you deserve to be in, one where your reality is created by you, where you trust the thoughts you choose to focus on to create the reality you want to exist in. You are the creator, you can say no to anything that dosn’t feel good and yes to all that does. One where love is all as you are love in reflection of all.

BY Bobbie and her Soul Team.

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