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So What Does Living in the Moment Give You?

When we are truly in the moment there is a peace of mind that comes with that, and in that peace within ourself is power, amazing power. But not power as we think, that manipulates and controls our world by changing our outside reality to fit our contentment. No this power comes straight from the knowing that you are indeed creating your reality from a non judgmental, non persuasive point of view. As judgment cannot exist in the moment, nor can control. If you are truly in the moment then you would never align yourself with an unwanted reality as in the unwanted part is an alignment of self doubt and self doubt is not living in the moment. Self doubt comes from reaching into past hurts and worry to repeat them, or predicting an unwanted future, so not in alignment with the moment at all.

This is a leap of Faith, the faith being that in the moment you will always be safe and if someone tries to bring you out of that alignment, will you choose to follow them into the unwanted reality or will you choose to stay in the moment and know you can change this predicted outcome of another by being in the moment.

Last weekend I fell out of alignment, but boy what a powerful lesson I learnt.

My partner and I had an argument, it was about something I felt very strongly about as I had enough of it repeating in my life. Usually I would get annoyed then say my peace, then let it go and all would be well the next moment, but I also realized I had an expectation within my reality that this will all happen again because I felt nothing was resolved from my point of view, only pushed aside. So this time, I choose to stand my ground, I choose to allow myself to loose the moment until in my reality, I had made such a point that this will be healed to never happen again. This was my least resistance path on this subject I could create as I felt the need of a story to go to the edge of unhappiness before we could really feel what and know absolutely what we don't want in our relationship. Could I have changed this without the argument, you bet I could. But in my head our minds held onto the subject so strongly that the least resistant story I could create at that moment was through the argument, knocking me off living in the moment to feel what I now know beyond a doubt not to repeat again.

The thing is once I decided to let go of the lesson itself, to trust the moment again, to know I had cleared my shite around the subject. even if it took a day of crying. The coming back into my mans arms after this was the most amazing loving feeling Ive ever felt from him, it was euphoric. Why because we had learnt what was important and all that was important was being in the moment with each others, truely being present with no expectations from ourselves or each other.

In the moment we are choosing from every point a vibrational match to the reality you love, because love is all that exists in the moment. All other points of view comes from not aligning with this love. Why because that is the true essence of ourselves and the gods we are. Thats why animals and small children let go so easily as they naturally come from the innocence of observing and just being, so they will never be out of alignment with themselves. They come from unconditional love.

This is where the whole world is going now, we are all letting go and trusting our pure vibration, the uniqueness of who we are from living in the moment, knowing that we all bring a new perspective of reality and knowing that all will fall into place because we trust ourselves to create from the pure vibrational match. The problems will only occur when we are out of the moment, when we don't trust, as it will be like flying around the outside of a tornado, instead of the peace that comes from being present in the eye of the storm, observing all but choosing not to be apart of it anymore. Because when the storm dies as it will as nothing stays the same, you are left with a clear canvas from that moment to create what you want.

The power that you feel from being in the moment will be...

1 - Peace of mind

2 - Knowing you can change anything by letting go pf the past you don't like and easily shifting into what you do.

3 - A feeling of fun around everything you do.

4 - A knowing that others will feel your peace and choose to participate as your reality shifts to align with your unquie presence in the moment and all want to be around that feeling as it reminds them of the alignment to their own unique presence.

5 - A clear space within your mind to try new things out, like telepathy, telekinesis and so forth as you realize the only limit is your imagination. That once this happens nobody has any control over your reality.

Bobbie Richardson

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