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So Where Does Our Imagination Come From? And Its Hidden Gems.

7TH December 2021

Powerful channeled Message - Soul tribe/Pleiadians/Arcturians/Andromadains

I woke up with one channeled message -

"Our imagination is a collective of our souls experience."

Then I saw a big shooting star right outside my bedroom window straight after receiving this information.

From that came a total understanding through feelings. Nearly 3am in the morning and I couldn't help myself so I started to write, this is the journaling of that understanding given to me by my soul tribe.

The intuition comes from your souls knowing of a better way, communicating through your body, your gut, your heart, and even your skin as goosebumps. It does this because it cannot enter a logical mind when the logic of ourselves has given the soul no say. I have spoken about this in the past, but what I really want to move into is the hidden gems of the imagination.

The imagination is a collective of everything you’ve experienced in past/future lives it is the experience of the soul, either in this environment on Earth or on other environments within other dimensional frequencies on Earth or other planets or plains of existence.

Therefore, the imagination can reach into all of those stored experiences of the soul and then mix them all up with the environment that you’re living in now, to see if it can become part of the reality, you’re in now. This is where our bodies flying solo like superman is so often imagined for instance as that can be imagined because in other realities your soul existed within another body or avatar, and the rules of the game or the environment of that existence were so different, it would be likened to the natural atmosphere of water and then one could fly as your avatar or body would be conducing to that environment.

The reason why our imagination which is connected to our soul through the many realities one’s soul has experienced, is needed, is so that you can grab them, then using the laws of this environment see if you can produce them. Although all is possible, there are natural rules of limitations collectively created by all species put in place, in this case the logical limitations give boundaries to the way in which one could reproduce the imagination so that the soul can experience new things, new emotions, new adventures which is the soul’s greatest objective because the soul is prime creator fractioned off into you wanting to experience, to grow to explore. To the soul adventure is worth more than anything.

So, allowing the imagination to mix things up is an asset. To be able to sort through all things experienced and to come up with new ideas that shift the story and gives rise to an adventure. This is why we can imagine a pink pony with a rainbow mane, because the mixing up of all things gives rise to the allowance of creating. One could paint this pony, sculpture it and even take it to the next level of breeding it into existence but then one needs to work with the confinements of one’s logical ethics of wanting to keep everything compartmentalized and in order so not to disorder the natural progression of the program. As the logical side of ourselves is here to keep the original program in order, but this was never meant to be to the extent of stopping one’s growth and perfecting all so that nothing can evolve, as it is within our ability to have flaws and fail that give rise to creating something new and extraordinary.

This is why balance is important, we need to respect the logical order of all things as we try new things in order to keep our outer reflection which is made up of other living things or the fraction of Prime Creator holding space for one’s soul to experience.

In other words, one would need to ask oneself before creating another life, would you like to experience this yourself, because all living things you create is there for your soul to experience in another life. So, if you created something so uncomfortable, so limiting. One must know that you maybe the creator in this life but in the next your reason for creation is to experience, therefore the creator becomes the created. As that is the nature of all things being that in the end and the beginning, we are all ONE.

Channeled through Bobbie Richardson

Invision Art ©

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