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Something Big Is On The Horizon

Message 27th May 2020

This morning was an interesting one after waking from a dream I know to be of powerful things that are a comin to clear.

If we are to stay calm we need to know calm.

The trick I use is to repeat, "I love a clear mind, I love that a clear mind gives me clarity, I love that I can feel my intuition, I love that it leads me to my happy place and appreciate all around me in this moment." It means to know that you come from a space within, I call home, that's your happy place :-)

Most ask, "how do I get to my happy place when this shite is happening".

Remembering that the only reality to exist to you is yours and how you react only invites other pressures and problems from perceived realities outside of yours.

This is the time to let go completely of what's happening outside of you and ask oneself, "right now in this moment what will make me happy," then after that ask self again and again, until you are in your happiness and as much as posible.

This place could simply be stilling your mind, as to be present you have a clarity when you completely focus on the now and not in the problems of the past or worries of the future. Even if you are doing dishes or peeling spuds, or washing your car. To feel the sponge under your hand, and the water dripping down your arm. To feel the smoothness of the plate and the warmth of the water. This opens you up to enjoying the moments of life instead of flying past them and having your head in a predicted future of worry or past problems that only lead you to more.

This space and clear mindedness will open your intuitive response as you can now feel the direction that feels happiest for you to travel without the mind responding with doubts and confusion. Remember the mind is limited where your intuition or feeling is expansive. You can't go wrong if your always moving towards happiness. Even if issues come up, walk away and ask does this feel right to clear this with an emotion or do I need to let go and move into my happy place again, nothing right or wrong but always ask for the quickest way to get through so you can let go and move back into your happy clear space or home again.

I feel this is the time to practice this as I feel something big is on the horizon, something that will shift all of those still living in the old program.

We are going in guys, so stay safe and go home, not just your obvious home but your inner home where you are the happiest from inside yourself.

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