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Not my usual post, but necessary to share as we find balance between our logical inventions and intuitive connections...

The truth is the truth and so I will speck mine...

Now that we have had a huge taste of the Mainstream Media being bought off, and not having to pay taxes if they narrate what the Cabal project onto our Gov's who has also been brought off.

One must ask in this new awareness... what kind of tech are they hiding from us that could make all living on planet Earth have free energy, to be able to live wholesome lives thriving without their patented control.

Humans are amazing, we can imagine and ground so many ideas that could have everyone on this planet live a free life, where survival isn't the name of the game, where theirs no such thing as the homeless and we all get the medical treatment of our choice.

But when you dig into the rabbit hole of mega corporations you'll find at the top there are only a few families that are part of what most call the Cabal, pulling many strings to keep humanity small and living in fear.

They have a plan to keep you living that way for as long as they can, keeping your immune weak, your wages low and prices of our utilities under their control. What they can't control they buy off, what they don't like they eliminate.

But humanity are starting to see through this veil and in trusting ourselves again to take back our creative genius so we can carve a new path without them in it.

The release of this new tech needs to be seen so we can all decide whether it works for Gaia and humanity to better our lives, no longer in the hands of a controlled few who keep us living in fear.

I just tripped up over this video... honestly I havn't watched it all but thought intuitivly to share.

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