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The Art Of Receiving

Trusting to receive comes from unblocking the program that we are greedy. But the natural flow of nature and all things living is in receiving and giving. We have been programmed that we are good people if we only give and only receive enough to barely survive.

This is because the ones at the top of the pyramid program only want to receive, therefore they keep humanity in slavery, constantly working hard to give more than they receive.

But humanity's truth is to allow abundance to flow in and when our own bucket is full then we can give to others. If we don't then we are telling the universe that we aren't worthy of existing and we become sick.

It is time to break this spell/program and step out of the slavery mentality, knowing that the universe has an unlimited abundance to supply all that feel worthy with a great life. This is how we learn to thrive and create the reality we came here to live instead of surviving to only give to those few at the top of the delusional pyrimid program.

Bobbie Richardson

Guided message for humanity - Breaking the abundance spell.

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