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The Art Of Surrendering

The art of surrendering lies within the trust that your essence or souls connection creates the reality your've always desired. As the soul creates without friction of doubt or fear, because our souls resides in the love frequency of all creations and only wants the best for you, but it is the mind programs that stop us from achieving such things and why surrendering is so important.

Every time you take a deep breath and let go of trying, competing, forcing, not trusting. You breathe into this surrender and with it many possibilities.

I have put this to practice by asking to find a four leaf clover while standing in a huge cow field in Kenilworth camping grounds Queensland. I knew that up till then no one had found a fourleaf clover so I chose this subject because it still held a probable factor to exist but would still have a WOW factor if it did come true. To make this more of a WOW I closed my eyes before sitting down. Then I surrendered my mind and any doubt, just as my guides had taught me to do over the years. I picked what could have easily been a blade of grass, opened my eyes and their it was in my hand a beautiful four leaf clover.

This in itself gave me an insight into knowing that we are all creators of our reality and that in our ability to surrender we can indeed create a new story.

Bobbie Richardson

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