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The Code of The Golden Ratio

There is an original program that permeates through everything. If there is life within, then this original program has the ability to reproduce or to grow. You can see it in every seedling, as it curls itself out of a circle into a fibonacci sequence or golden ratio code and then into a plant or animal. All has this fibonacci code within it as it is the balance of all things to grow through this code as it expands through each number.

When this code splits and expands certain distortions are embedded into it, thus creating the uniqueness of all living things. The fibonacci pattern will always underline everything but it is the distortions of the pattern that creates a unique growth and thus we have diversity within our world.

If we didnt have pain we wouldn't know we had reached the point of becoming to distorted though.

The problem is we have been taught to embrace pain, fear, anger and to belittle the things that bring us back to source energy, that of love, happiness and peace within. We have been so confused in this, that many people mistake so many emotions for the opposite of where they come from. You see we have lost our ability to trust our intuition, our emotions, our feelings and we therefore cannot read others. So we think anything loud is angry, anything nice is weak, but it is knowing our emotions and how we feel that gives us strength.

There are so many over-distortions in our emotional reality that sends us into a victimized state of mind. Through many movies produced people believe that to love something you are weak, you are vulnerable and especially to love yourself is egotistical. But it is the absolute opposite that brings us back to the original program. Loving yourself more gives you strength as you no longer need others to approve or to validate. You validate you! But the powers to be who are betting on you feeling bad about yourself and therefore creating way to much distortion within, that you will give yourself over to their agenda as they feel if they have enough distorted souls they can create their own world.

If you remember anything it is this, if it feels bad or if you are afraid, then you are further away from the Source Energy that you originally came from and the only way back is working towards something you love.

If the distortion becomes to great, it cannot carry the soul as the soul rides on this original Golden Ratio program and therefore the life will either consume itself allowing dis-ease to kill it. Or it will give itself over to be controlled by another who then has responsibilities to keep it alive in an artificial manor thus creating a perpetrator/victimised reality that will eventually consume itself anyways. You can see it happen with Dr Emoto's work with certain emotions being said to water which is then frozen, the more over distorted the emotion or further away from source energy the uglier it becomes.

This is where humanity is, we are in the midst of this choice. To expand into the next sequence of the fibonacci code leaving behind the comfortable feeling of knowing the 3rd dimensional code we ride now, or giving ourselves totally over to those who will act as our perpetrators.

When the code is ready to shift into creating a new distortion or new reality within, it will have to go through a zero point, a place within that is stillness, this is where all things return to source energy, where all come home, it is pure LOVE. If the codes distortion is to much, it will automatically consume itself to bring the energy inline with the return of evolution, creating the over-distortion to breakdown and the original code to expand again, carrying with it a new distortion in a healthy way.

This is hundreds of thousands of years in our evolution. We have come from 1 which is Source Energy/God Within/Creator. We moved through the lesson of 2 which is duality, this is the split of self creating an unknown factor and the distortion was born to create a uniqueness of all living things. Then 3 which is our reality now of experiencing this separation and distortion. Then once we have learned all we can we graduate to the next code. Humanity is now at the end of experiencing the 3rd dimension and is ready to take the leap back to source energy then to creating a new distortion code through the 5th dimension becoming the observer of realities so that the integration can create from the observational point and not be so entangled with the story but rather becoming the author of the story.

This is the growth of humanity although the soul can from this observational point, interact with other dimensions to learn about other perspectives of our reality.

We truly are learning to be mini gods as humanity has the key through emotions to carry more love and thus expand to create Heaven on Earth.

Written by Bobbie Richardson © 2020

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