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The Fastest Path To Your Desires.

What if you meet the most powerful deity in the universe and they told you how to take the easiest and best path towards your goal?

You would probably take it so you could get their quicker, right?

But because you probably don’t know such a benevolent being, you are now only you, and your own thoughts again along with all of those thoughts of others in your realty that think they know better for you and that you let get into your head.

Now take them out of the equation due to the facts that no one outside of you truly knows you in every moment. Now your just you again.

What say you find out that the past and future are only ever thoughts caught in old energies which are now obsolete, or potentials created from the same obsolete energies so now all that matters is how you feel about them in the now. So now we are left with you in this very moment, and how you feel about the past and future which is always up to you from this very moment. Understand able if you have blockages but even though's are uncleared thoughts that you feel you were never good enough.

Now imagine the power of this very moment and how you feel about you could gift you the next moment and how you feel about that and the next and the next. Now this moment holds more power than you thought because you can choose in every moment how you feel about you and your life. You could choose to say I deserve or I am unworthy, I have strength to be authentically me or others know better for me, reality is out of my control or I always have the reigns and choose my path through how I feel about myself.

If you take the power of the moment back and trust you deserve only the best because in this moment you only seek love for your life and everyone in it then you are the powerful deity we spoke of in the beginning.

You are the choices you make in every moment, how you feel and what path you wish to take. Take it easy on yourself and breath into the best possible moments, trusting that in choosing for yourself, you can jump timelines, align you to all you desire and create bliss through living in blissful moments and loving the life you wish to create.

Bobbie Richardson 24th July 2022

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