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The God Gene our leaders are looking to shut down.

Years ago spirit lead me to a doctor called Dr Ramachandran who figured out that the right hemisphere of the brain answered differently to the left hemisphere, and when asked about god from the left hemisphere the patient didn't feel a God or higher being existed, but the same patient was asked the same question when only igniting the right hemisphere and then they did believe in a higher power or a God. This is why humanity over the last thousands of years have had to look outside themselves for a leader or a God to help guide them because they have been severed from the right hemisphere by programs of fear and humiliation to use our imagination or intuition connecting us (all meant to happen in the bigger picture). This is why our leaders would love to completely disconnect as many humans from their intuition as they know their time is up. There is way higher frequencies been sent to Earth at the moment to bring back our intuition and imagination so we can learn to connect to source energy or the god within again and learn to create the world we all desire as we will then know our true power lies within our own self-acceptance and self support and not an outside force.

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