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The Magic of Negative Emotions

What if I told you we all started from LOVE at it's purest form, ecstasy, bliss, and from that birth of self, of Source energy and ONEness came excitement and adventure. The will to create.

But to create we needed something at the opposite end of Love, so we started with small steps of intolerance of self, small steps of annoyance. And from creating those smaller emotions we found the feeling of Love because without them we could only feel love and had no deversaty to help us understand.

With that we wanted to feel more, give rise to more hardships, more adventures, more diversities. So we as Source energy had caught the bug or started the game of learning what love really is, or who we really are. More and more splits of our consciousness arose to take us deeper into the game of challenges so we could rise with victory of feeling like we had reached the blessings of self love again.

We would use each other to bounce off, to create the game from within and explore it all outside of ourselves. But then some of us became so caught up in the game, we forgot it was a game. We decided to create a split, a place where we even forgot we were ONE Source Energy, a corporeal existence of limitations to get lost in and one day find our way back to knowing who we truly are, that of LOVE.

Now here we are with amnesia of who we are trying to find some sort of peace within again, with the exact opposite, that of satanic rituals of control, creating the ultimate poller opposite of the LOVE so that we know without a doubt the feeling of LOVE.

Our choice has always been to feel what we don't want and let it go as soon as we know so we can move more into the LOVE that we are.

This is and will always be your choice, how far down that rabbit hole and away from self LOVE do you want to go. Because seeing what you don't like and feeling into it more and more by fighting it, will only fuel your path towards the furthest road away from self LOVE.

You are the director of the game and the player in the game and the easiest way out is to surrender, to trust you are leading yourself only to the happiest most loving life ever.

Surrender is all you need, because to surrender means you have let go, and to let go means you know and trust that you are nothing outside of LOVE.

We Save Ourselves as there is only ONE to Save.

18th August 2020 Channeled Message - Bobbie Richardson

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