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The Power Of Emptiness

Empty space or nothing connects all of our worlds, it also connects every thought we have. It is the distance in between the old stories and the new. The very point where one can change one’s reality by letting go completely and trusting in this emptiness that something new will emerge.

Nothing is the stillness and the closer we can get to it the closer we become our own creators of our reality.

Living in the moment is practicing this ability as every moment is a newer version of you, but it is the logical self that holds onto who you are through memories and beliefs that keeps the old stories in play. Even though stories that don’t serve you or feel uncomfortable.

Through the new emergence of higher consciousness humanity is starting to finally feel the power of letting go and the magnificent of nothingness. This is where you can access the quasiparticles always surrounding you, lying dormant and never shifting until they sense the point of an empty mind. There you will gain power to many new imaginings once you know where you are going or what you wish to create so dream big but allow the story to form around you through the events that within each moment you live attaching only to one happy vibration after another.

5th July – A collective channelled message.

Bobbie Richardson

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