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The Soul-Body Journey

Channeled Memory 12th April 2022

I feel their is still more information to integrate about this subject but thought to share it with you as it comes through.

(I will also be creating a video about this channeling)

Image from Pexels

The Soul is that part of you that is God, it is the essence that resides within your body to hold it up, for if it leaves, your body falls to the ground. The soul resides in every natural living thing, plants, insects, humans, and even planets. It is the essence of God that knows it is God before it enters a body or avatar but takes on the amnesia program of that body so that it can have an adventure.

Now here’s the twist, your body is your soul as well, it was energetically simultaneously created by the essence of your soul deciding to go on an adventure. Your material body has its own journey of returning back to the whole after it dies as it is broken up into smaller and smaller pieces then used as particles to be breathed in and re-create a new avatar by your soul’s decision to have a new adventure, choosing new parents, many times from the same soul group to learn any unlearned lessons from past lives, therefore re-establish a new form.

It isn’t only the memory of the soul’s adventure that carries on though, there can be a physical DNA memory that combined with a soul creates a new personality. The more evolved the soul the easier it is for that soul to leave the soul tribe and expand into other soul tribe families to learn from, this is why lightworker or souls from higher frequencies being called on Earth atm feel alien in their families because they have left their familiar soul tribe and entered into a new family, as they are here to share their wisdom of these higher frequencies and soul memories once they learn to reconnect back to their souls in this life.

The memory of the body is held within the body itself after its matured enough to produce another so that it can breed into similar vessels or avatars. In a way it is the opposite memory to the soul as a body holds memory to split or breed another in only in the maturity of that physical form. The soul holds memory of the experiencer after leaving the body and returning to thought form or the essence of Source/God. Therefore, there are two opposite forces working together to create a whole picture of said reality. Creating a playground for the soul to go on a physical Adventure.

By Bobbie Richardson


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