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The Stone, a bridge between Worlds. Pleiades and Earth.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Back Story - Back in 2005 I gave birth to my youngest daughter, she was the only one I saw twice before she was born standing beside my bed, once giving me a gift.

About 6 months later I went to see Pa'Ris'Ha an amazing Cherokee Elder for the first time. She had come from Ohio, to do a talk in Byron Bay Australia, and also to find Buffalo Hearts or souls straight from Pleiades, I had to take my youngest as she was only a baby.

The Elder sat next to us and said, 'your baby is going to be a great leader one day.' Later she pulled me out of a crowd of people, placing her hands on my head she helped me calm my mind, just as I was taught previously by spirit who got my attention by guiding me to dig up a gold bracelet on a beach in Akaroa New Zealand.

A year later I went to see Grandmother again as she had come back to do another talk, she pulled me out of the crowd of people she was talking to and said that she would be working with me, which she did for the next few years. One of those highlights amongst many was when she took my hand and talked to me telepathically.

Our first Camp with my youngest.

It was around the same time of meeting with Grandmother when my family decided to go camping for the first time in Kenilworth next to the Mary River, I had been decussing with a friend of mine to imagine a beautiful world and what that would look like, as we imagined a place of connection and magic with the land, I also had a dream with Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha in it saying we need to do this in 2 levels or dimensions, one where we can re-learn the magic we have within us.

Getting back to the story of finding the stone, the first morning of our camp in Kenilworth back in early 2006, I woke up earlier then everyone else, so I decided to go for a walk through Mary river. This is when I asked creator, "God show me a sign if this new Earth will be happening for the people." Then before me a huge rainbow appeared and I could see the end of it on the other side of the river. I knew there was something at the end of the rainbow and that afternoon the family and a friend of my husbands went for a walk. It was just an open field with one dead tree in the middle and around the outside a dried up river bed curved around some of the most beautiful old wise looking trees.

As we crossed the open field, my husbands friend came up to me and said, "I think this is what you're looking for?" in his palm was a rectangle stone with a lighter rectangle within it. It had what looked like a small indented finger placement on one of the corners and a chip out of the opposite corner, it was unusually symmetrical which intrigued me, so I took the stone and honestly thought if it doesn't amount to anything it would make an awesome art piece. Always thinking of creating something.

It wasn't until a year later when my middle daughter who is the grounding person of our family and very connected to Earth, pulled it out of the glove box of the car and said, you should be working with this one.

At the time I was connecting to my guides after having another incredible vision of 4 white horses who came crashing through my large bedroom window, the glass shattering was so loud it made me sit up from my sleep. The four etheric horsemen galloped above me in a circle when I said something, I had to ask my husband at the time what it was after. He had already shot out over the other side of the bed trying to fend off whatever I got a fright from although he didn't see anything. I had apparently said, "They are coming soon, not just yet, I've been waiting for this one." A song was running through my head with the words, "a band fall of angels is comin after me." although I wasn't at all religious this sent me on a journey to connecting with my guides and meditating again.

So I took the stone inside and decided to meditate with it, nothing happened until I fell asleep and was awoken with a whirling noise in my right ear, it was like a sucking sound as if my mind imagined some sort of energy being shifted from with in my mind. Then the sound subsided to the stone clearly being seen within my minds eye rotating, and information being uploaded into me.

From then on if I wanted to know the truth I could ask the stone and it would appear in my dreams telling me what the truth was. It also appeared in my dreams several times breaking apart or crumbling to reveal crystals and mechanisms inside that would teach humanity to become telepathic and telekinetic plus other magical things. Like it could awaken us from our sleep. It also showed me a UFO coming with 3 human like beings coming out of it.

I took the stone to show the Elder Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha, once, when she held it she said, 'it doesn't look like it was made on Earth,' giving me a grin she gave it back.

I went back to the same camping site with the stone years later in Kenilworth. Walking around the same field, I had already been taught by spirit how to still my mind and told that we are creating our reality with our thoughts all the time, so I decided this day to put that into practice so I sat in the middle of the field, closed my eyes and clear my mind with the intention of picking a four leaf clover. I didn't open my eyes but instead reached out to pick the first thing I felt, I opened my eyes only to see a four leaf clover in my hand, 'Wow,' this is when I truly started to believe in the power within our still minds to change any story.

In 2008 I had spilt up from the girls dad and found myself settling at the bottom of Mount Coolum, an amazing mountain that talked through me as I created my first picture book for the kids to open their imagination called "Imagine Holding Hands". This is when I was contacted by a Pleiadian man putting his forehead on my forehead and chanting starting with Ra... and other sounds till I awoke with my whole body visibly vibrating. I knew I had risen my vibration enough for him to make such a contact as this was all meant to be to help me awaken.

It wasn't until 2011 around the time of the New Zealand Earthquakes when I was reaching for the stone for guidances after dreaming something when it fell and broke a clean brake into two pieces. I cried but realized it was probably meant to be. So I bound it with leather strapping and tied it to a strap to hang around my neck.

It was after that when synchronicities took me to Uluru where I took the stone to talk to the mountain in Sept 2011 but that's another story. (See Video Below)

The last night 19th Sept 2020, I had a dream of the stone, it broke into pieces again and revealed a computer like compartment with a lot of white crystals, I knew it to be very important and was excited to share as the computer represented information. I found myself on a bike on the highway when a very real Ufo came by me with a different being in it, I felt this was for real, I wasn’t afraid and said I would race him home so I took off on my bike. Then I found myself with my old friend whom I actually am going to see in Nov in Northern Qld. Then I found myself in a place with many people living together and a song played which I sang the whole song with love, everybody enjoyed it.

I feel this stone is a bridge, it is a connection to the Pleiadians and to teach humanity.

I feel the break represents another dream I had of humanity being represented by a boulder where an almighty split happens where 2 thirds of the worlds population will move with Earth back to the 5th dimension where all life connects again.

I trust it will be where it needs to be when the time comes to make that bridge and trust with all the love in my heart that this will help awaken many.

Bobbie Richardson

Two sides of the stone found in Kenilworth 2006.

More about this story of going to Uluru after I got a big wake up call to share my stories NOW!

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