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The Time of the Great Fall

Many years ago I was approached by benevolent Beings like these in a dream and they told me the Gov's would fall. This might not be evident to those atm who are hanging on tooth and nail to the old programs but the majority is switching up as we are now starting to see evidence of the controlled program manipulations and betrayals as they try to keep themselves in power.

The biggest shift is within us all taking back our own soverign authentic power by supporting our choices to trust our soul's intuition again. As it was many eons ago that humanity was disconnected from knowing they are more than just the body which created a version of us, looking outside ourselves for guidance instead of within. This brought in judgment of others as humanity no longer trusted themselves and the opportunity for a hierarchy system to dictate and control everyone.

But now Prime Creator has heard humanity call and shifted the vibration to embrace only a balanced mind, therefore we will each have to purge the old programs and start to trust our connection to our souls, intuition and oneness that we are all connected.

The time is now that we will see many fall that arent living within this balanced state of awareness.

Bobbie Richardson

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