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The Weakness Of Anger

When everyone lives within the perceptions of another, and how they think about you is only in their reality, but not necessarily in yours. Our reality is therefore made up of our own perceptions of who's powerful and who's not.

All others have to do is convince you of their power. Anger and rage may seem powerful but actually, in that moment they have to get that angry because they feel powerless. Therefore they have to use their anger to justify they are powerful and to destroy any thought that you may think that they are afraid.

When you see this, you can easily walk away, as you see through their weakness, and know that you are stronger by walking away and not becoming victim to their loss of control or their vulnerabilities. For once you fall victim your energy magnetizes theirs and perpetuates not only their fears but also yours.

Love creates what you desire, fear creates what you don't.

Bobbie and her Soul Team.

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