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There are those that are being prepared at the moment for contact.

9th Dec 2022

They are the ones who have done the shadow work and recognised the self as the whole. That we are all one and in meeting us, reflected only by those that are here to expand one’s consciousness.

This in itself opens the portals within one’s mind to acknowledge the new frequencies and adventures awaiting without any fear. Because they know they are the creators of their reality and can shift their reality at any time. Those being prepared will be in total control of what they allow and what they don’t in their life, through a focused knowing and understanding that expansion is also allowance of others not from Earth or those on who live in Earth higher frequencies to guide and teach more than what could ever be learnt in a fear-based reality which automatically blocks our connection.

The point of this connection comes through a central stillness, returning one back home or to the central point that all is God and God is all. When this is, then one can view reality from many observational points and with that a connection of others that reside in higher or clearer frequencies.

From the movie 'The Knowing'

Meetings within dreams and then telepathy through feeling is the first points of contact, where one becomes a channeler for our wisdom, but this does depend on the persons soul contract to be that. Then unusual phenomena’s can develop (light balls, ufo sightings and so forth) as the grounding of our more expanded reality meets the chosen one reality. Eventually followed up with face-to-face appearances.

Channeled by Bobbie and her Soul Team

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