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Things Are About To Get Weird.

Image from Star Trek Original Series

Things are about to get weird.

How this plays out will depend on your level of consciousness or self-doubt as it will be the determining factor on whether that strangeness materializes in a positive or negative story within your reality.

This can go back and forth within your reality as you learn to master that which dosnt serve you anymore. When you find yourself reflected back with a reality you dont desire use it to turn it back on yourself and see where you gave your power away, or where you feel a lack of support within yourself.

This weirdness is because the intuitive, imaginative side is being awoken in many by these new energies, if one doesn't have control over ones logical side and is still reacting and projecting a fear-based scenario then in reflection the limitations and trying to control all outside of you but not aligning with trusting your imagination will project a reality of nothing being fair, or supportive, or of others controlling you and forcing you as you are looking outside yourself for guidance instead of taking the responsibility reigns of creating your own desired reality.

But realizing you can trust your imagination to open new gifts and follow your soul through the passions of your heart will gift you an expansion of your reality.

Opening premonition dreams, being contacted by higher consciousness through interaction with spiritballs, seeing things in a flash and knowing your are now able to access connections with other beings. Your abilities may also take you to delving into the elemental realms, those that have deceased, long forgotten gods or goddesses, benevolent beings, or many others depending on your souls mission.

Your ability to heal thyself as you support yourself and no longer look outside your self to find a supportive balance could also guide you into a more adventurous life, letting go of the need to heal others as you start to trust that others can now look after their own energies in these higher frequencies, just as you are. if you were a healer in the past then this will return your power back towards yourself and within that others outside of you start to show up as healed as well, connecting you back to your soul tribe.

Yes things are about to get weird but if you've done the inner work this is going to be the journey back home to inner peace that you've always been seeking outside yourself.

Bobbie Richardson

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1 Comment

Yanaka Hoffman
Yanaka Hoffman
Mar 24, 2022

Thank you Bobbie, you are a wonderful person and I love you !

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