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This Is How We Do It... 3D to 5D and Beyond Here We Come.

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I woke up this morning, knowing beyond any doubt how we can all return home. How we can shift our 3D mindset into a 5D mindset and return back to Source Energy so we can re-create something new and wonderful for all of those waiting to come.

So in saying this, this is for the 144,000, all workers moving towards the evolution of love and freedom on Earth and everyone else that have awoken, we have been waiting for this moment and this moment has come because the collective has been asking and I now know 100% how to do this.

After this I will put a guided meditation together, this will gain momentum to inspire others to and become the masters of their reality from the inside out, taking the reigns to become the observer of their stories, that they may change to things to that which they love when ever they need to.

I was actually told how to do something similar to this back in 2010 by the Pleiadians, even created a meditation for it back then for everyone, but we weren't ready, I wasn't ready. I needed to understand more, to comprehend why, and for the last 10 years I have been visited by 4 different species who had a part to play in our true history of this reality on Earth, to help guide me. I've had a relationship with a drocian/human so I could get more understanding of duality and the power of myself. I've been taken to Source Energy or ONENESS, all so that I can integrate the whole meaning of being here and why returning home to zero point or Source Energy is so powerful.

See back in 2010 I was afraid of what that might mean and asked, 'do we lose ourselves, our individuality, do we merge so much into Oneness that we forget who we are.' The answer is plain and simple, "No." We are creator and actor, if we don't want to lose our identity then we won't.

The place we are going to is like a knowing of all, it is pure LOVE. It is the heaven of all heavens, it is ONENESS. Nothing else is there but LOVE for all and with this feeling we get to decide where we want to go, how much diversity we want our next story to play out, we as ONENESS can choose anything.

We can have the awareness of what Earth is about and all of her magical ways, interdimensional gateways, elementals and magical beings from the 5th dimension, meeting extraterrestrials, we can become telepathic, telekinetic, be able to teleport so we have more control over our existence. If you can imagine it, you can do it. And this is why the energies are so intense at the moment, Oct 2020, because we are close to this ONENESS and all other blockages are being brought up to clear.

From this ONENESS we have it within us to create whatever we want and each and everyone of you brings your desires to the table, you are all needed. Together we create something brand new, because we have learnt the lesson of the power of the right hemisphere or imagination and intuition eons ago, and just recently the power of the left hemisphere or logic and science. Now we enter ONENESS knowing both and we can integrate them, so we can become mini Godlike in creating a balanced reality with no fear of the unknown because we now know all comes from LOVE all is experience and all is needed to understand self.

Meditation to brings us to this new understanding. (Still to be edited and created into a Youtube)

Get comfortable because we are going on a ride lol.

Bring yourself to be as completely present as you can, don't get down on yourself when your mind wonders, see it as part of the 3D experience, just accept it but when you realize your mind is wondering just guide it back to being present. Concentrate on your breathing, in and out, no wrong or right on how you breath, but bring your awareness to that so you can become present. Accept yourself so much that you feel only love. You are Love.

See yourself in your minds eye, become aware of how you are positioned, what you are wearing, become aware of you as the observer of you. Move your awareness to the room, see your room, all that is in your room, become one with your room, so you are now more than your body, now you are your room as well. Accept your room so much that you feel only love for your room. You and your room is only LOVE.

Now observe your home, become the observer of your home, feel into what that is for you, see your home will have a different feeling than your room, so feel into what your home is to you and become that. Feel ito all the family members, people staying, animals and pets, become one with them as if you are them. How ever this feels to you is enough, it is supposed to feel different from everyone's perspective but what we want is for you to feel what it's like to you because your experience is so important. Accept your home so much that you feel only love for your home.

Now you are above your street, feel into your street, what does that feel like for you, become that feeling, become all of the families, all of the animals and plant life, become the street lights, the roads. Become one with that feeling, accept you are the street now and the street is you, that all there is is LOVE.

Float further up till you are observing your town, your city, your rural area, your island, where ever you are. What does that feel like to you, become that feeling, become everyone and everything in that town from your feeling of it, merge with it so it is you and you are it, feel the love that you are as your city.

Fly higher up till you see your country, it doesn't matter about the logistics, whatever you know is enough, because it is the reality of things from your perspective that counts. So see your country, observe from above and feel into it, feel all the people, how there's a collective feeling with that and what that means to you, become it, let it wash through you, become it as your love grows to become only love for your country.

Float even higher till you see planet Earth and all of the people, animals, plantlife, rivers, oceans, mountains, those that are in lower densities of lack of awareness and those that are of higher awareness of self. Feel into Earth as a conscious being, what does that feel like to be apart of her as she is apart of you. Feel your love for her as you become her and she will feel your love for herself. You are one and she see and feels through you, the higher consciousness you are the higher consciousness she is, therefore you are her thoughts and she is yours. Become one with that love you have for her and all of the experiences she has had. Become pure LOVE. Breath for her.

Now you are moving through space till you feel into the other planets, your solar system, see this as part of your home, your identity, you are one with all of the planets, with the sun. Know that you can return home through the sun back to Source Energy if you want to but this time you are going to feel into our home the solar system and feel the love of all of those in different dimensional realities, the unknown and known from your perspective, remember there is no wrong or right only how you feel that counts. Become one with our solar system and all that live here. Become the love that you are with our Solar System.

Now you are flying further away, until you observe the milky way, our milky way. Feel all of the beings, all the planets, all the suns, all the comets, all the asteroids, all the space inbetween. Observe it as if you are looking at it, you can feel planet Earth in relation to it and you can feel the intensity of the center of our amazing galaxy, you can see gridlines of lives within it and all of the beings playing their part in this bigger picture. Become one with it, feel the love you have for it, that it exists for you so you can be, so that you can experience life. Become one with our milky way as you feel the love you have for it.

Now we are flying further and further out, till you see all the other galaxies, there are so many, feel your love for them all, know that they are apart of you, for everything you know to exist is apart of you, become one with them, you will start to see a pattern emerge now, like a grid line forming a torus shape as you become one with this shape, you are becoming one with all that you are. For you are are all, you are GOD/LOVE/SOURCE ENERGY. See the point of reference of your love for all, it is so close to the center of this donut shape as you are near the reference spark of Creation itself. Feel the love you have for everything, for your reality, for your knowing and what you have brought to the whole. You are ONE with LOVE now, you are LOVE and all that exists, there is nothing but your reality and all that surrounds you, all of your lives, all of your experiences was all there ever was. Take a deep breath and know that you are creator and creator is you. That you can change anything you want to in your reality from this point. That you are all there is and all there is, is LOVE.

Ok, when your ready you can come back into this reality, but keep this beautiful feeling of Oneness and know you are the creator. When ever you don't like something in your life, become the observer, know you are only love and that with this point of reference, this stillness you can change your story to suit your needs. xx

All is Source, there is no separation.

Blessings from Bobbie Richardson

U'lan'a wa Nunne'hi

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