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Time Before Time

Eons ago we are taught to believe that Earth and humans had a straight road from the birth of humans through God like in the Adam and Eve story till now.

I was taught and lead to information by Beings that came to me to share their version of our history, that our history is way more colourful than that. But if I'm to go into the whole of what I know to be our history I would have to write a book.

However I do want to bring our attention to the last 52,000 years as humans have undergone many DNA upgrades both through natural evolution and ET manipulation. All that has happened has been in alignment with the energy sent via Source/God/Creator (whatever you like to call the Oneness of self).

The biggest events happen in alignment with our returning and moving away from the LOVE that we are or Source Energy. This is in relation to our time as a human every 26 thousand years.

I was taught that every 52 thousand years we are at the same point in our evolutional cycle as now but obviously we have learnt more about ourselves and where our limits are. This now puts us in a special place of re-awakening humanities intuitive side again but not to rule from our right hemisphere or intuition as we did this 26,000 years ago, as we have already learnt and realised we can lose ourselves in the cosmos of creation, mucking up our own reality if our right hemisphere is in charge. No this time after learning what it's like to undergo 26,000 years of logical ruling we have also learnt that logic leads humanity to getting lost in our outer reflections and consuming our own natural self that of LOVE, as we try to return to love by using the otter reflection of controlling outside ourselves.

Now is the amazing moment that humanity wakes up to the balance of both sides and if inline with our authentic self as we pass through the source energy that of LOVE we get to see the uniqueness of our duality. The gifts of Logic and our Intuition. Thats when the left and right hemispheres or logic and intuition learn to work together as we can create a reality with Earth that reflects our inner peace of the LOVE for our whole self. It's in our acceptance of each other reflecting our acceptance of self that brings us back to the amazing creators we are...

...and worlds will bloom, and untold stories will shine as we pass the point of Creator if we are insync and intune with loving both sides of ourselves acknowledging the unknown is also derived from LOVE.

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