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Time to Reconnect to Earth Again

Channeled Message 20 05 2020

As we clear the old mind programs that generations have been taught to disconnect us from our intuitive, imaginative side. This will automatically elevate our frequency to that of Love for all again, as the more love we feel, the more connected we become.

Our hearts opening without fear also open opportunities to meet with beings outside this world of higher frequencies to teach us more about ourselves and our original abilities which will automatically expand our reality.

Thus we will see Earth in a new light, one more vibrant and connected to the elementals which are the energies created to liaison with humanity and Mother Earth. The only reason why they are portrayed as mischievous in the old fables, is because they were losing this natural connection to humanity. Their whole reason for their existence was to teach humanity the magical ways of the Earth, as Earth kept secrets only to be known by those of a clearer mind, so without that many fairies, gnomes, elvens or elementals had no reason to exist so all would nearly disappear as humanity held the key to their existence via their intuition and imagination, thus they became mischievous to keep some sort of connection.

But once we are open to their existence and the knowledge they hold of the Earth, we will learn the true value of Mother Earth and how to live with her in abundance again.

It is now time to return back to the original program and connect to Earth, there is a much more exciting, fun, free world waiting for us all.

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