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To Trust or Not To Trust

We have all learnt to point the finger at others and shame them for things that go wrong in our reality. Feeling victimized in a world that is never supportive and always against us.

But the truth is trust is not something you could ever acquire from another, as they could never fully interpret or understand every moment of your energy.

Each and every one of us therefore has a responsibility to fill our own cup and set up our own boundaries to build relationships that are in line with the energy we allow.

We therefore need to find a trust within ourselves that knows the universe will support us in the endeavours we wish to carry out.

If on that journey another comes to us and mucks up what we have already started, then they are a reflection to our not honouring our decisions in the first place because we allowed them in and felt we weren’t strong enough to say no to them when we knew they were wrong to begin with.

Indecisiveness is one of our biggest illusions because we find something we love and want to put into action, to ground into our reality but we don’t support it 100% so we choose to flounder with our energies allowing others to disrupt the opportunity we are setting up for ourselves to experience. Then we blame them and don’t need to take responsibility for that which we were indecisive in the beginning.

Find out what you desire in your life and trust you will always be supported, that those you allow in, are in line with your own support. If they aren’t let them go, and stand strong in your convictions that you are coming from your heart to benefit all in your environment, including those you let go of because in letting them go you are teaching them to respect and trust you as you do.

There are no mistakes then only experiences gifting you adventures aligned with what you take responsibility to trust and create in your reality.

Bobbie - Channeling Higher Self

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