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24th April 2020 - Are you Living?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

We are all taught from an early age that death is something to fear, but what if I told you that dying isn't the constructs of leaving your body or being buried it is the fear of change, it is being stuck in a repetitive cycle of doing the same things over and over through fear of change. Yes the real death is becoming stuck while living, trapped believing your that your fears are something worth holding onto, scared to live a free awesome life for however short or long term that is.

Making peace with the change that death brings and knowing that one will never truly die, will only transform and ignite your freedom to LIVE. This is a way out of learning to live without all those rules and laws created only to hold you to bondage in this limited reality, as each law confines you to living without change, without experiences that thrills you, that enhances you, that drives you past the unknown as an individual and into LOVE of living.

All messages are channeled via Benevolent Beings from the 5th dimension and higher as they can observe our 3rd-dimensional space just as I can when I'm clear and connected as we are ONE.

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