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Total Breakthrough - Utopia Here We Come

I will be creating a video of this amazing channeled message but wanted to share it with my paying community as I wrote it. Just finished writing this 6.19am

14th Jan 2022

Twilight (Receiving message as I wake up)

When we sleep it gives our soul time to return home. Home is what many perceive as heaven or utopia, which ever word feels right to use. When we are there, we report back to others who are curious about our story and progress of creation.

Many lightworkers come from this place, living in what humanity would call soul families or different energetic fractions, these can also be seen from a human’s perspective as different planets. For the planetary system mostly believed in on Earth at the moment is the manifestation of a reality created as a training ground or separated world to learn to become creator gods or developed souls, that once passed, this lesson can have more leigh way to create even more.

The reason why Bobbie knows this is because she is such a soul, but came down to the training grounds where one feels very separated from the rest of creation in order to help guide the mass awakening now taking place from the limited state of mind, she has had to literally loose herself to find herself all over again to show and create a new path out of the perpetual mind loops.

This mass awakening has happened because the divine timing has come full circle and the lesson for many is nearly over, being that many souls have done a full cycle and wish to expand, this has happened before and will keep happening as the learning centre and limited reality will always be, due to the brilliant creation of this amazing training ground called Earth.

It is all in one’s perception of reality, the more perceptions one can master the easier it is to find a way home while being fully present upon the learning ground of this reality. So, tapping into animals, seeing life as an observer, inventing new ways of seeing reality, exploring unknown realities that only reside as lost fables, seeking space brother and sisters, or asking guides from the etheric realms all gift one with more perceptions and therefore many more doors and paths to choose to finding a way home.

Then once a door has opened for the soul to explore, they can use this information or wisdom to create their way into living in harmony with all again, creating a harmonic story for their present moment soul to explore which automatically raises one’s awareness by stepping out of the separated illusion. This needed to be controlled as the controlling system represents the boarder of a soul learning to create, likened to a contained classroom.

This is why many are seeing this system or leadership failing and falling now on Earth because of this mass awakening, where others whose soul is not yet ready to leave the training ground will see a different story. They will see the story of the system even taking more of a stronghold on their reality, keeping them in the mind loops. This is all meant to take place for them. But for those now listening to this message, we are ready to step outside the limited program, take hold of our own creator reigns and move through our hearts into working with our environment as a part of us, as we recognize all comes from us.

This is the split of consciousness that is taking place now.

Channeled By Bobbie Richardson - Via God Within/Prime Creator/Source

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Thanks so much Bobby this really resonates with me :)

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