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Tricks The Mind Plays

Fear is produced by the logical mind because it can't find away out of a problem, but fear doesn't exist from the souls perspective because the soul knows there are infinite possibilities and can always find away around the problem once one decides to let go of the limited mind.

The infinite possibilities are there but with the fear based mind which tricks us into believing their are only certain paths which creates blockages through our emotions to say we cant handle that.

But if we allow, we can learn to use every difficult emotion as an opening to feel the blessing, using emotions as a compass to move towards what you desire, once one learns to accept our feelings which gift us our emotions as a path of knowing where one wants to move towards, the mind can no longer hold you in a limited over protective world.

In other words, if someone hurts your feelings and you have an emotional response because your mind has tried to protect you by saying you aren't worthy enough to handle being as strong as the other person seems to you, therefore you feel weak for having that emotional response of feeling victim to that persons reactions towards you. But if you knew you are worthy of trusting your emotions in that moment because of your clear self worth to stay strong. You can use your emotions to shift your path towards that which you desire ignoring those that try to keep you bound within their own confinements of self doubt which is why they tried to control you in the first place.

Therefore to still the mind and allow the soul to direct you through your feelings which can bring up emotions, can gift you back a knowing of what feels right for you instead of thinking (or using the mind) what others have shown or told you is right or wrong.

Bobbie and her Soul Team.

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