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5th Feb 2022

There are two types of creator beings in this reality, well three really as there is the combination of the two as well, even though we all have both within us, but some species are originally programmed to be better at one rather than the other. One are the masculine, logical, practical, material, consumer, able to shift the material world by using that which already resides or exists in this reality, recycling the old into something new.

The other are those that can use their imagination to conjure up new realities and with a focused attention and will to bring that imagination into reality, conjure up the new organism/material through the etheric level of energy manipulation rather than physical manipulation.

Many species are better at one rather than the other. Hence Reptilian/Draconian/Insectoids/Anunnaki all have mastered the masculine creations of consuming to recycle, which can get a little out of hand being that their empathy level is less and so can sometimes loose their way and force or control another to die and transform.

The Pleiadeans/Lyrans/Vegans have all mastered the conjuring up creating from their imaginations, filling a gap in their reality by a single or collective focus of that creation, not that they don’t use and recycle material but they find it harder to break things down unless its all ready naturally wanting to transform.

But from the perspective of Source Energy or Oneness reality needs both. Because if the imaginary femine side only existed in this reality then it would be like forever filling a jar with marbles until it overflowed into all other realities not allowing and acknowledging the ebb and flow of dying or transforming, and if only the masculine, consumer/recycling reality only existed then this reality could never add any new energy to the mix as it would always be the same amount recycling giving this reality a fixated and limited access to the evolution of creation. So, the open-ended allowance of both new energies and recycling old energies keeps the cup slowly filling till we do eventually move into a full cup and then have the opportunity to spill over into other realities but at a much slower rate, therefore giving time to learn and evolve before moving into different abilities to create.

From a souls perspective this slow filling cup adds through the etheric imagination, using and mixing ideas stored in one’s imagination from past lives and learnings, allowing a soul the eventual ability to open a whole new door into total transformation of this duality reality and into a whole other process that this mind couldn’t even comprehend now.

As humanity has a potential balanced feminine and masculine brain, once the lesson of the imagination Atlantis/Lemuria times was completed giving a rise to the logical, reptilian/Anunnaki physical consumer/recycling story which has only just now being completed. Humans have a chance through this balanced mind to accept the magnificence and power of both bringing unity to the story. Which frees all other beings in the past who helped create humanity weather through DNA manipulation or teachings, gifting all a chance to find acceptance and feel only LOVE for all again. As this is the God/Oneness/Prime Creator wanting to split to experience such stories and create all of this to go on a journey through you and all other beings as the experiencer.

Therefore you are both the centre of that LOVE and the experiencer of it, all you feel and move through is God/Source Energy/Prime Creator/Oneness experiencing.

When you know this of yourself you can play with creating your way out of that which doesn’t resonate with love by imagining and focusing your attention on a new desired outcome or physically moving your reality to suit that which you feel inspires you to feel this love within, either way is a worthy path.

Bobbie Richardson


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