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Unlimited Potential

To face everything in your life as a part of yourself returning can gift you more than if you face everything as a threat.

So in other words seeing everything as acceptance that you are more powerful than any fears, that you can handle all with the wisdom, that you deserve only the best outcome and to live a valuable life.

Of course this can be easier said than done within the boundaries of the illusional program that you are only as strong and clever as what others told you, you are. But the funny thing is, when you know your worth and that you are as all is, God in Action, then you can get yourself out of anything you don’t wish to experience because within the limitations of the actual fearful position you are in, you will realize that this is only a minute lineal moment surrounded by unlimited potential.

That it was only your lack of self-worth that gave you the results where your self-worth was as vulnerable as the event you landed in. So the only way out is to remember your true nature, that you are 'God in Action' and then you will see new results that will surprise all logic and escape all limitations of the mind.

Bobbie Richardson

Channeled 27th June 2022

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