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We are all being bombarded with frequencies that are beyond the limited mind. This will open many up to accepting their connection back to their soul. No longer needing to seek outside themselves for a ruler as the souls awareness is the awareness that all is one as the observer.

That the soul comes from our authentic state, that of love for the adventure and for each other. That in trusting ourselves again as a whole being creates a world of self support and self respect.

What we seek is what we bring to our reality, so be very aware of the energy your exerting and the expectations you have of each other. Ask yourself is this truly going to give me what I desire or is it the release of hormones within the fight my mind tricks me into wanting.

The soul knows which direction to take as it comes from love and returns to love, not of each other but, love of self. For within this love of self lies the truth that all is uniquely needed to create the adventure the soul wanted to go on in the first place.

Bobbie Richardson

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