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Welcome To All

In the last few days we have had around 25 new members. So a big hello and shout out to you all.

Also a big shout out to all that have been my supporting guides through the last year. I am so lucky to have gotten to know you all and forever greatful for your beautiful words.

One of the latest messages I received on my facebook page after advertising my latest Kevin Moore talk, left me feeling very humbled...

Robin G Becker

That’s where I found you! And you have been such a guiding light of love, positivity, talent and showing us all we can do way more than we know. Not to mention beautiful videos, chats, free readings and more. I feel blessed for being guided to what you selflessly offer.

Below are some things to check out and look forward to.

Channeled Messages can come through at sporadic times, and so they will be published as they come through on this website.

Ruby subscriptions are $3 per month for 6 month intervals and will cease after the 6 months is over, they include information Bobbie dosnt always want to share with everyone, either due to her own logical mind still working through the message or the sensitivity of the main stream not being ready to receive.


Every week I will upload new videos to her Youtube account so I would advice subscribing their so not to miss out on valuable wisdom from the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Oneness, Gaia, Thoth, The Elementals and her Higherself. All she creates is from her heart to help expand you into a greater version of yourself.

Check Out

Stepping Through A Portal Series

Small Inspirational Videos - Channeled Messages

Talks and Interviews

Channeled Wisdom (longer videos of me speaking and channeling)

Codes To A New Reality Series

and way more.

Plus don't forget to tap in 7am every Tuesday morning AEST or Queensland, Brisbane, Australia timezone for her live General Energy Readings and Free chatbar readings for those who turn up, (I try to get through everyone time permitting)

For those wanting to contact Bobbie to interview or to work with please use my email here. titled - Member wanting to get in touch.

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