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Where does the soul reside?

Todays Channeled Message and Teaching 7th July 2020

We don't just live in a physical world as I'm sure most who will read this will know, but what I'd like to teach you is the dynamics of where a soul resides in a physical body. Most have been taught that the third eye or pineal gland is the entrance and exit points of a soul into a physical body and this is true. But it doesn't just reside there for a lifetime. No, it also moves through the physical body via your five senses and more. This is because the five senses as in touch, smell, taste, hearing and of course sight where many see the soul through others eyes, are where the soul experiences the human body.

Physically our soul can also be experienced within our gut and skin (goosebumps) as our intuition connected to our body but also our intuitionor our connection to our soul, goes beyond our gut or skin as it is sometimes just a feeling or a knowing. These two vibrations of feelings and knowings don't go through the physical body but can create symptoms attached to facial expressions and skin goosebumps to acknowledge the direction the soul wants you to take or the stomach could ache if you are fighting your souls decisions.

The physical body also has commands it does without the soul hardly being aware and that is the automatic abilities to digest, regenerate, automatic movements and grow. All things that are hardly noticed although the soul can oversee these things and when it does notice, you can feel what's up or going well. This is how a holistic counsellor works, connecting there soul as the observational point to their patient to get a better knowing of any blocks and damage. This is where you can become more aware of your own body and learn to heal yourself.

So you see we are far beyond our five senses, where the body and soul connect, we are also the soul.

Guided by Benevolent Beings via Bobbie Richardson.

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