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Where is Humanity Heading.

Updated: May 8, 2020

Today's message 8th May 2020 - As we approach Source/God/Creator or whatever you'd like to call they whole of us, things will get a little strange for humanity. This is because many are living so far apart from their Source/God/Creator within, meaning that they have forgotten what loving themselves feels like. Thinking the only way out is to fight for their rights instead of living from a point of love. For those, their mere attribute to the Creators they are, will self sabotage their existence as they struggle to control their environment instead of allowing the love to wash over them. That's why the best thing we can all do is to stop the fighting and do what makes us happy again at one with the love that is Source or God, connecting again, and creating a new path inline with our LOVE for all.

For those that are actually attempting to forgive themselves and the world, to seek the Love within, they will feel like they are going back and forth for a while, until they decide for sure what path they want to take as in entering the narrow band of energy close to God we are still spiraling around so we feel intense Love for all and then think we need to fight for that Love. But love is love, it is either present within us or it is not, there is no fighting for it as this will only take you away from that which is Source/God/Creator. BR

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