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Where is the LOVE?

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

We reach from all places to find love, but our disconnection from Source/God/Creator or the love that we all are, meant we were looking for it in all the wrong places.

We looked for it from our Mothers and Fathers, who many absolutely carried the closest thing to unconditional love that was available, especially as a baby. And as a baby, if you didn't carry any conditions around love, you were Loved.

But as you grew and became a child you forgot more and more of the love you were born with. You forgot the knowing of where you originated from, that of Source/God/Creator or Love. Then your perceived reflection of that lack within grew, and you became annoyed with those you thought should give you what you forgot or denied yourself.

This in turn created even more disharmony around the world as we looked to others like friends, relatives, partners to give us what we were yearning for.

But they too were a reflection of the love you forgot and they forgot of themselves.

Then we say "If you don't understand me then you dont love me." But understanding can only come from within. Understanding is loving self unconditionally.

You could never come from outside yourself to find love and or understanding. Therefore your search was not in vain, only the path was.

Now you know of a new path. One that only your support, understanding and love for you can come from, as you are the connection and manifestation of Source/God/Creator as is everything. That accepting yourself as a whole beautiful person creating magnificence in this your reality.

Now you can move on without seeking outside yourself for recognition, for acceptance as you now let go of all that you have denied yourself. Now you have a new focus to create an even more amazing incredible version of yourself which was always there in the space inside where LOVE lives.

Channelled through Bobbie Richardson 3 June 2020

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