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Who are you? And who are you taught to be?

Who are you? And who are you taught to be?

Because when we come down to it, this is how we as our authentic selves get to look at this from a mature manner.

Yes you were brought up by a programmed schooling, by parents that felt this is just the way life is.

Yes that program kept you small, doubtful, challenged, in fear of being different. And this produced a fierceness in you to be heard, to be competitive, to be blaming others for your failings, which in turn created a victim mentality as only a victim doesn't have the strength to look at themselves because all of your energy is being wasted on being better than others. To see the truth that the program or spell you've been following has kept you from your powerful self, that you are magnificent just as you are. That you are above the program. That you have it in you to be more, do more, know more. But not as a victim mentality, scrambling to fight everyone else to be seen, heard or loved. No this is from your true strength of being authentic to yourself. To simply not be afraid to shine your light, to take your reality to the places you love, to feel what you love, to learn what you love. This in itself is your authentic self, this is the star your looking for within to shine, to step into being.

The world is about to change, it is no longer supporting the program of deceit to self. No longer supporting the old program that was pulled over humanities eye's to keep them small. It is now giving us an opportunity to change, to follow our innocent hearts. To let go of the program we have within to control every outcome, never moving from what might have worked for us one year ago or ten years ago. Because in trying to control all outcomes we deny our flowing imagination which is designed and gifted to us as our ability to change anything that doesn't feel good anymore.

To evolve is not to stay the same or to follow other people's paths, just as to lead is not to push a personal thought on to many. No to lead is to uplift others uniqueness, inspire others to shine their light.

Yes we have been doing this all wrong but we have learnt many lessons and now it is time to move past these logical stagnated trials and into embracing our authentic self.

There is way more strength in backing yourself no matter what others think feel or say, then following those that lead from the old program of being a victim to society.

You are unique for a reason and that is to experience something different from the rest, your uniqueness gives the whole a new vibration to feel from, to perceive life from. It is your treasure only and you have the strength within to protect this innocence, this newness, this adventure of yours, as this is more than staying stuck in a life trying to be the prettiest, live the longest, have the most money or to be the most popular. No this goes far beyond all of that, it is your individual gift to share with others just by being you and backing YOU!!

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