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Who can we Trust?

Everything is just a mere reflection of our inner mind. The Reptilians represent our logical side which has been given far to much reign over our intuitive side which is represented by the Pleiadians and other species coming to help us evolve. Thus in this moment in time, those who are doing the work from the inside out are remembering there intuitive side and giving more credit to the Pleiadians. But to most the Reptilian seem like our leaders, like our logical brain, very controlling, creating rules and laws to keep us in line and the Pleiadians seem to almost be a fairytale race, there but not completely in our reality yet.

Both are needed though just as both right and left hemisphere is needed and it is in our ability to learn to acknowledge and allow both sides of ourselves to work together that we find our inner magic.

So not all is as it seems. Every Species that came here to help us also had those that wanted to use us. Just as every species that appear to control us via our emotions have those that want to help us evolve. It is not as black and white as humans think.

But we like to organize things in relative species to arrange who are the good guys and who are the bad ones so we can identify with our logical minds who is bad and who is good.

But it is only our hearts that only knows in the moment of them entering our reality who we can or cannot trust. As only our hearts are connected in the moment to our emotions and how we feel intuitively. That is why the not so good ones who rule us now try to keep us from connecting to our hearts via hijacking our emotions, which lead us to fear in any way they can, so we will never trust who are here to help us expand and who are here to use our energy.

The Unknown Within

There is always the unknown factor when we come from our hearts but in the moment of feeling into that which we didn't know before we can decide whether to proceed towards that outcome or not. So the heart can lead us easily towards our good feelings, creating more good feelings. The mind on the other hand loves to know all before it makes a decision as it doesn't have any trust in the unknown so it creates rules and many laws. This never works though because the mind's job is to protect the body by remembering what hurts it and what causes pain so it can move away from any immediate danger. But when given to much reign over all it only holds onto and remembers the fear of the past but it can never predict the future thus it projects it's fear game onto our future and we all relive it again and again.

But many are awakening and realizing our reality is far more than we have been taught.

Bobbie Richardson © 2020

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