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How to Activate your DNA & Pineal Gland, Igniting Lost Abilities.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

How I came to this Wisdom.

After meeting with Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha an amazing Cherokee Elder in 2008 who took my hand and talked to me telepathically for over an hour, I realized that there was a lot more to humanity and their potential, after all, she was just brought up differently, but we all had the same brain, the same hearts just different perceptions of our abilities.

So I went home to focus on humanity's potential and asked all visions and dreams to lead me to the reasons why most of us couldn't link telepathically.

I was soon led to the pineal gland, but only being a mum and graphic artist I had limited schooling especially to do with the sciences so I had my work cut out for me to learn from the net, still I asked to be led to the right path.

One day my youngest aged 4 came to me and said a strange word 'Anyon,' a few days later when I was putting her to bed she sat up very assertively and said, "I know where we go when we die, it's a place called Anyon, it's where everything is everything, we live in Anyon now but we also live in our minds to Mummy, you can look it up but you have to thank me for this one." Taken back I thanked her and of course, immediately looked it up. ( Love someone from the science field to check this out.)

Now I'm no scholar as I said before but it sure seemed like this particle could reside in two dimensions, light and material. Which would make some sense with what my daughter said that we live in a material world and a light frequency world but our minds make it real?

The next day I was led to a TED talk by Jill Bolte Taylor, who was talking about our two brain hemispheres and what the left as compared to the right. I realized our right hemisphere had not been given any credence as our schooling belittled its very existence of imagination and intuition. So that's half of our brain been denied and with it, half of our existence and existence Jill said was extremely valuable to the power we have as a human.

From there my knowledge on the pineal gland came back into play as I read an article saying the pineal gland produces serotonin when we are happy and this is transformed into melatonin which helps us regulate sleep, then with a Beta Carotin Food Acid, (hope I spelled that right) can yield into DMT (wish I could find that article from 2009 but I can't sorry.)

Then I was led to cymatics, where a vibrating plate with different frequencies of sound vibrated through the metal plate would produce amazing mandala-like patterns.

I also found around the same time that the pineal gland was like an eye and had these tiny rods of crystals floating around, (when the pineal gland is healthy) which with sound could activate like the cymatic patterns. I was told in visions that some of the crop circles held keys to communicate with other beings of higher dimensions, so what if like the Tibetans who chant and create mandala-like patterns saying they are portholes to other dimensions already knew of this.

In 2010 I went to see Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha in Ohio to do a vision quest and sundance. I had to go on a strict no sugar, no root vegetable or meat diet for 28 days before the vision quest, which I did. This led up to going in the forest erecting a tent, placing four rocks around the tent as my boundary, and only drinking water for a few days. While there I had a premonition dream of what we were to eat after lol and then the dreams became very real.

I was in my tent when a war or galloping horse came towards me. I knew I had to get out (this to me represented my two hemispheres of my brain warring, logic against intuition) I crawled out to find a cave (my pineal gland) walking inside I noticed some steps leading up at the back of the cave. As I went to walk up an Elder came out of nowhere and no questions asked fired an arrow at me from her bow. There was no time to think or escape the arrow but another slimmer Elder jumped in front of me taking the shot she died instantly. The elder protecting the cave was so surprised as that was her best friend. She took my hand to see if she could stop me, but every story that ran through her mind led me to still crawling back, she realized then that she could kill me or stop me and angrily waved her hand up to let me go. (I feel this is an automatic block we all have within us to never be allowed into other higher dimensions if we come from a warring mind, but for some reason, I could override it in this instant.) So I climbed the stairs and went up to the forest opening up to a beautiful field so colourful with a river running through it and a bridge crossing it. ( I feel this represents the river represents our flow of blood, DNA carrying ideas and lessons of life, the bridge is then our corpus callosum which connects our left and right hemisphere of our brain).

I walked onto the bridge and noticed a small blonde haired boy coming to see me from the other side. (Felt he was a Pleiadian from a higher dimension or maybe my higher self) We both looked over the side of the bridge as he said, "Watch this." He put his hand out and stilled the river, I was amazed, then as he pulled his hand back the river started to flow again, that's when I noticed a huge dead fish floating down the river. Again the boy put his hand out and the fish started to move as it passed under the bridge it came alive. Floating behind the fish was another dead one, but this one was decaying. I remember thinking there's no way he can bring this one to life. But as he raised his hand the decaying parts of the fish morphed into seaweed looking skin and the fish although altered in shape came alive as we raced to the other side of the bridge to see it swimming off. Then I woke up.

I felt the fish represent old knowledge hidden within us, that with a still mind we can bring back to life again, some things might change as nothing is ever the same but we can ignite this old wisdom and become something unique to all that we have learned.

After this experience, I realized that with a still mind we can activate the pineal gland producing DMT which coupled with the tiny crystals in our third eye that act like cymatics can connect like keys to an etheric doorway to other wiser beings. I was also led to certain places on Earth where gridlines of energy connected made it easy to connect to these doorways.

All we need to do is to move towards what makes us happy so we produce enough natural serotonin and then this coupled with a still mind or one we can control, can activate our pineal gland which will produce a natural DMT or dimethyltryptamine, which is found in all living creatures as all living creatures have the ability to talk to Earth telepathically, this is why they know how to be authentic within there natural self. Thus in reflection activates our DNA.

There is so much more to humans than meets the third eye.

Bobbie Richardson

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