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Why following your head towards your goals doesn't work.

Magic will happen when you get this.

We have been taught to create more of what we want from our heads or our minds, but did you know that your mind can only store information, so when it comes to moving yourself towards what you want, it cannot lead you. It can't see the best move because all it has to go from is more of what didn't work for you in the past. Or more of what did work for you in the past but you've had enough of that, hence the reason why you want something else or better.

So you see you cant come from your head and move forward. Your mind simply doesn't have the answer, even though we have been taught that in schools.

But your heart does, your heart will always lead you to more of what you love, your heart knows damn well what you feel in this moment, and because of this, from moment to moment choosing to come from your heart brings more and more happiness therefore you will always be lead towards what you love.

You may not know what that is till you get there as there is always an unknown quantity when we step out of one thing and move towards another. And that's what we call TRUST.

Even if you see something you want that another has, you may think that's what you want and you might even fight to get there, do the hard yards, work your butt off. But once you get there you don't like it, why? Because you didn't follow your hearts happiness you followed another's happiness and we are all very unique with what makes us happy as thats what makes us interesting.

The heart connects to the earth, just move the h (for home) to the front lol. Once we get this magic will happen because Earth knows more about what makes us happy and how amazingly wonderfully magical we humans naturally are, when we are balanced again and come from our hearts.

Channeled 7th July 2020 via Bobbie Richardson

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