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Why should we stop fighting?

When asked, "why should we stop fighting for our rights? If we stop then we are allowing them to walk all over us." Channeled Answer from Source Energy ... 'Actually at the source of all things lies only acceptance. We would not create anything that we didn't like if we knew who we really were. The only reason negativity is in our lives is because we denied ourselves that power. So the only way back is to take the reigns and know who we are again, as all arrive from that which is Source or Love. Why would we give our power to those who have traveled furthest from source energy? Why would we fight the fear? When all it does is to fuel their beliefs that they need to control or fight for their cause of not being the Source/LOVE/Creator they started from.

Once you remember who you are you won't need to fight anymore, you will just simply walk away, ignoring their games and start creating what you wish to see in your reality together again. Your power is showing that you can create whatever you wish. This is what co-creating is, there's nothing to fight over. It just is you creating what you want as the Source/Creator/God you know you are.'

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