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You Are The Change.

Guided Message and DNA Activation.

You are the change, you were born in these times because of your differences because you are unique. Due to humanity asking to be released from the confinements of a logical, masculine imbalance, creating overbearing rules to restrict and control you.

You come with many new opportunities to share with others and ground into this reality.

Because your souls connection holds memory through your imagination of those realities and planes of existence your soul has experienced. Where logic only holds memory of this life as it represents the short-term memory of the soul.

As you acknowledge and remember this, the reality shifts and bends to your needs as it feels your strength and presence of self-support it to support you.

Therefore you acknowledging and standing strong in whatever makes you happy is breaking through a logical world and into using your imagination to carve a new path.

Those that don't agree will fall away from your reality the more you put down the swords of protection because your logic built them up to keep you safe when it was blocked from your soul, which is the overseer and guiding force that comes from love, love for you and your journey, this is where you find the Divine, Source Energy, God, Prime Creator and the realization that you are of one essence. This is where you find your strength to show your uniqueness.

Channeled 8th September 2022

via Bobbie Richardsons connection to her higher self.

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