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You've Been Officially Invited

Many know they are here to make a difference, and that they were seen as different or even crazy for even trying to be themselves.

Well, the energy of the planet has risen and with it so have many woken up to their true missions. One of the first steps to creating something wonderful is to become your authentic self again and stand proud of who you are. The next is to shine, shine that uniqueness so bright that it catches like wildfire. Know you are not alone, that you're unique for a reason, maybe you feel different than others and that's the beautiful piece you bring to Earth. Maybe you look, talk, walk differently and the reason is so you can show people that LOVE doesn't have a certain look or a certain intelligence. No, it's an experience and that experience is needed to challenge the norm, to shift reality out of a stifled limited existence.

This is what sparks a new creation one where all life is in a flow, where the only death is to deny your authentic self.

So in saying this, I would like to officially invite you, not that you need my invitation lol, but to bring your unique self, to share your spark and dance, play, do whatever makes you happy in the moment and every moment in this world. Then with this fulfillment send that feeling out to the world and lift others with your own self-support. You are all needed and you are all part of ONE huge family.

Love Bobbie

U'lana'wa Nunne'hi and Source Energy/God/Prime Creator/Oneness

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