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Dream lesson - How to create a new reality

Good morning today I've decided to share some of the dreams I've had over the years that helped me wake up, here is one of them. Before this dream, I was asking to empower myself. Dream - I was with a male friend walking towards a ball of light, as we got closer I realized it was a porthole and we both entered together. We found ourselves walking along a beach in the dark. I could see an ocean to my right that reflected sparkles of light with each small wave. Looking up the night sky was filled with many stars. This was a magical place, a place in-between worlds. Adventure energized my body as I took in the awe of this amazing scene. As we walked together, I noticed the stars started to morph as each one turned into a fish and one by one dived into the ocean below. This is when I realized we were in a story within a story or a program within a program, how amazing. My male friend said he wanted to go back to Earth and create another story. I finally had enough gumption to speak up and say, “Ok, but you must let me lead because I have the imagination.” He agreed then lied down on the sand and I lied on top of him, that's when I woke up. After waking I realized we were all living within the confinements of certain natural laws, but we had slipped into a program within the original program cutting off our imagination. I now knew that in order to create our way out of this program within a program we had to allow our imagination to create a new story. And our repressed feminine side had to be given the reigns again so we could work together as one whole. Imagining (feminine) - Focusing (Masculine) - Allowing (feminine) - Taking Action (Masculine)

All messages are channeled via Benevolent Beings from the 5th dimension and higher as they can observe our 3rd dimensional space just as I can when I'm clear and connected as we are ONE.

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