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Who am I - Activation 21 12 2020

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Artwork by Bobbie Richardson U'lana'wa Nunne'hi

I have been asking who am I lately as all of my life I have walked between worlds, thus I've been shown potential Earths for humanity to connect with, remembering other planet energies like Pleiades and have been visited by many, many beings through my life time.

On the 27-28 March I became One with source energy and knew Mother Earth was giving birth, this would be a nine-month gestation/activation which would take us through to Dec but the actual date although important to activate our connection around that time, was not given just as the actual date of a mother giving birth will not be given. Could be 21st Dec when many are coming together to imagine a new amazing world, and then this could be a precursor of her going into labour. Let the birthing begin.

Here is that story...

I'm feeling more and more that I am a rainbow child or something to that nature and I know beyond doubt this is the time for me to guide.

My name given to me by a Cherokee Elder is U'lana'wa Nunne'hi. I felt a huge urge to share the meaning of this in this video I created about a month or so ago. Check out the video at the bottom of this page.

I also feel my connection to Earth is so powerful that we go through simular energy alignments or lifetime stories. It's as if I am her eyes, ears, mind, feelings. This has happened all of my life but it was very obvious to me after a massive clearing that just happened to me last weekend as a correlation to Earth's letting go of the Draconian agenda after 3 years of trying to show them the benefits of the path towards the new energies, light, and truth of our authentic self, she finally let go and my connection to my partner of 3 years who I knew was draconian energy also parted. All will be healed.

Now the next phase I was shown is for us to become the support of ourselves in a feminine sense. To write a new story. This is the lesson to gain strength within so we can prepare to unite as two powerful energies and to acknowledge the differences were needed to learn from each other, that both sides, intuition and logic / Draconian and Pleiadian stem from LOVE which is all that there is. (How that reflects in my life, I have no idea but I trust all is divinely planned.) It actually reminds me of the end of my children's novel, Jonar & Kitty and the Timekeepers Void.

When this unity takes place, this will be around Dec. We will unit through that love for each other as ONE and LOVE will wash over Earth and all life will become the knowing of source energy as the observer of all that has happened and will be in one zero point. Thus we can start creating a new Earth with both logic and intuition working together and the lesson is complete.

Bobbie Richardson 5th Oct 2020

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